Gordo Lowrey

Software Engineer, systems architect, and Consultant in USA

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I'm a very strong enterprise architect and leader. I have been in the IT industry in some form or another for over 15 years, and can pretty much do it all. My primary areas of technical expertise are systems architecture, server management, web development, database administration, and performance tuning. I have extensive experience designing, building, and maintaining highly available, high load front-end and back-end infrastructures.

My depth of technical expertise includes everything from ground-up network topology design, hardware builds, server deployment, server tuning, API development, performance optimization, database administration, development of custom front-end and back-end web applications, enterprise mobile apps, real-time custom business analytics platforms, and much more.

I’ve architected and built things like background check applications, point of sale systems, merchant gateways, a video game content management system, Lab Information Management Systems, data analysis platforms, data collection applications, business intelligence and automation systems, and so much more.

My most recent achievement was architecting and developing a multi-tenant SaaS inspection platform. It allows models of systems to be configured and questions can be defined to collect structured data to build various types of reports and run analytics. It was built with Python on the backend, and I lean heavily on Redis for pubsub, job queues, caching, analytics pipelines, and more, with Angular/websockets on the front-end. This system is distributed, and real time, running on Google Cloud with infinite scalability.

I have worked directly with many top fortune 500 companies, multiple top 50, and one of the top 5, and have carried many teams to success as a leader.

My hobbies include photography, music production, and hiking.

  • Education
    • University of Alabama at Birmingham
    • Self Taught
Gordo did highly competent work for me (both as a Linux expert and PHP dev) many years ago as an employee. Based on the recommendations I see here, it's clear that he is consistent in character and reliability. You would be hard pressed to find a better deep technology consultant.
Matthew Hellinger - E-commerce Specialist - B2B Technology Consultant - Imp
I have the highest respect for Gordo as an engineer. He is multi-talented capable of building, maintaining and optimizing infrastructure to handle high traffic as well as design and code elegant back-end/front-end systems. Expect him to be passionate about his work and make intelligent, prudent decisions when architecting systems. I'm looking forward to the day that I get to work with him again!
Tom Walpole - SD tech entrepreneur. Founder & CTO of @Trials.ai
Gordo is a strong engineer who cares deeply about the quality and integrity of the design and implementation of his systems. He's very good at thinking globally while acting locally and doesn't lose sight of "the big picture." Aside from the quality of his work, Gordo is also reliable and will do what it takes to accomplish a task, even if it means pushing his comfort zone and wearing a few different hats.
Ben Slote - Principal Engineer
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